About Us

Nowadays the breakthrough of memory storage technology is widely regarded as a phenomena ,which met customers high-tech needs, replacement usage of internal Hard drive with External one Indicates that The progressive innovations has enhanced people's burden of transferring data.

Verity products are based on modern storage solutions which customers have counted on its Products, various qualitative products with well-shaped surface are hints of compelling goods. Technology is being changed every day ,verity corp was founded in 2005,headquartered in London Verity has been focusing on middle-east markets ,since verity products outbreaks in the market Conspicuously consumers has been inspired by its satisfying high speed transaction data.

Plenty of advantages and privileges is being expected to be seen by purchasing verity Outstanding genuine products are result of verity experts way of thinking, per se verity in variety Has been our implemented strategy.our main targets consisted of comprehensive aspects of developing market share ,innovative products, facilitates customers' needs of new product accessibility ,our superior quality and well performance are hints of permanent partnership with loyal customers worldwide, our high standard products has been admired due to its noticeable workmanship.